Molly’s Q&A with Danielle Kimmey

Meet our incredible stylish assistant Molly…

Molly is basically Superwoman. She is a writer, blogger, activist, traveler, lover of many things (Starbucks coffee) and recently stepped into assisting CULTURE with various projects. We love her eye for fashion and knew it was proper to pull her in to interview Nashville’s Danielle Kimmey. Let’s see how it went…


Many of you know Danielle Kimmey—at least when I mention that she was part of the Christian Pop trio “Out of Eden” (yes, I owned their album “This is Your Life” and listened to it many times on repeat). It wasn’t any coincidence that I admired the style of the ‘Eden’ ladies almost as much as their voices. Fashion has been one of Kimmey’s long-time passions, and after 15 years in the music industry, she decided to make it a full-time gig by launching her company All Most Famous (AMF).

All Most Famous partners with fashion and accessories designers to give them a greater voice in the fashion market through the means of public relations, market strategies, wholesale to boutiques, and direct retail sales through the online store.

Here’s what Danielle had to say when I picked her brain about life and style…

There are lots of creative people out there, but what your company does is help existing fashion designers market their brands to broader markets. How important is the “business” side of the design industry?

This world is not at all lacking in creativity and artistic ability. However, without the knowledge needed to grow a business and sell clothing a design label will never get off the ground. My heart goes out to those who have a talent and a dream but lack business acumen. In order to be successful designers have to find someone with business savvy to run the marketing and sales side of their companies.That is where I come in. I partner with fashion designers just like a business partner would, but with me there is no need to give up creative control or company ownership.

What would you say is the biggest obstacle out there for new designers trying to break in to the fashion market?

When you ask any designer this question, 99% of the time they are going to reply “money.” I disagree. I think the biggest obstacles are self-doubt and apathy. When designers are confident in their art and have the discipline to put in the hard work necessary to promote and sell it, they often make it. Notice I didn’t mention money or talent. If you truly believe in what you are doing, over time, people will begin to believe in you.

How do you select the designers that your business chooses to promote? Are there personal preferences mixed in there?

I work with designers in different capacities. I sell some brands and “manage” others. If a line is unique, local and well made I will sell it in my web store. However, to be managed by All Most Famous a designer must have an insatiable hunger to succeed. They need to live, eat and breathe their brands and their designs have to be exceptionally good. I have to trust their taste level and their work ethic. I personally love contemporary ready-to-wear lines so that is what I typically represent.

Do you do any designing yourself?

I used to design a line of T-shirts called Azian Envy. I lost the passion for design somewhere along the way and realized I only enjoyed the business side of fashion. I had to come to terms with the truth. I am a nerd.

How do the music and fashion worlds collide in your life?

I enjoy working with touring musicians who produce clothing lines on the side. The place where fashion and music meet is an exciting creative space. Right now I am representing Jacob “Crouton” Olds from Family Force 5 and he has a line called Counterfeit Clothing. His fan base is so strong that his items usually sell out before I can post them online. That’s pretty rock and roll.

What brands would we find in your closet if we were going to conduct an overnight raid?

I’m not as into brands as I am type of clothing. You would find a ton of sequins, gold lame, jumpsuits, high waisted pants and shoulder pads. I’m pretty into the early/mid 90s. All of my shopping is done in boutiques or the Goodwill. On a rare occasion you might see me sneak into an H&M but I mainly try to support small businesses or independent designers.

In any kind of artistry, be it music, fashion, or another form, how does mentorship factor into your success? Does AMF seek to mentor its featured designers?

“How can they know unless they are taught?” That is a paraphrase of a well known Bible verse and it summarizes the way I choose to live. I seek out top names in the fashion industry to mentor and consult me. The lessons I have learned from them are priceless. I work hard to pass this knowledge on to every designer I come in contact with. I love giving free mentorship and advice. Even if I don’t manage a local designer, I know that if they become successful, our entire fashion industry will benefit with them.

What’s the best piece of clothing you’ve ever had the chance to wear?

I don’t remember the best piece but I definitely remember the worst. There is a demo tape floating around Nashville of my sisters and me when we were first trying to make it in the music industry. We were singing and dancing in yellow and black leggings with matching tops. We looked like a mixture of Boys ll Men and Charlie Brown. At the time we thought we were stylish but now it’s just humiliating.
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Thanks Danielle and Molly for your time. We love you both!

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  1. Hello Lovelies. Thanks for your support and for taking an interest in All Most Famous. I love what you all are doing to propel indie fashion forward.


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