It’s not every day a business strives to share hope, love and inspiration through the fashion industry – but at this company, that’s exactly our mission. It all started in 2011 when siblings Hannah and Daniel Griffin came together with a vision not knowing it would end up changing the trajectory of their lives. The vision was to create clothing that could be worn by anyone, at any place, for any reason.
The inspiration? Culture.
Fashion has always been a huge part of our lives.” says Daniel, “We just wanted to execute the idea properly.” Every piece that is part of the Culture collection is created with this vision in mind—connecting people of different cultures through the universal medium of textiles and design. We hope everyone takes our challenge to embrace the Culture around you, no matter where you are.
Daniel, Creative Director
Style Icons: Ralph Lauren, Billy Reid, Mickey Drexler
Daniel grew up in South Carolina along with Hannah and their three siblings. His newest adventure has brought him to Nashville, Tennessee, where he is able to work on the Culture line and indulge another love in his life—music. When he’s not at the fashion desk or behind the mic (or guitar/piano), you can catch him in a deep conversation over beer. This guy doesn’t know a stranger.

Hannah, Creative Designer
Inspirations: Anthropologie, Free People, Marc Jacobs
Hannah also hails from South Carolina, where her fashion influence had early roots—making her three brothers play dress-up with her as a kid! Between then and now, traveling, meeting new people, and glimpses of the fashion industry fanned Hannah’s passion into the spark that would help start Culture. With Daniel in Nashville, Hannah has her own adventure to start in Lexington, Kentucky: Cosmetology School. She can’t wait to see what this chapter of education will bring to the Culture design pages.

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