Q&A with Allister Ann…

We JUMPED at the opportunity to talk with the wonderful Allister Ann about her career, passions and recent journey touring with The Civil Wars.


With a background in fashion, Allister’s unique approach to photography has landed her in collaborations with Elle and Hits magazine, Rolling Stone, Billboard and many more.



When did you first realize you had an eye for photography?
A: One day I picked up my dad’s camera and discovered a tool that could capture a moment that I wanted to savor. Photography is instantaneous, grabbing a second that would otherwise be lost. No other art form can do that. That’s what I loved about it, and what still fascinates me.
What inspires you?
A: The fact that inspiration has no boundaries is my favorite part. It can come from anywhere. Anything can influence you and cause your mind to elaborate. The exciting part is acting on those creative thoughts and seeing it manifest into something that actually works.
How important is fashion to you when working on photo-shoots?
A: Fashion is very important because it can dictate the style and mood of a shoot. Having studied design, I think my eye always gravitates to colors and textures which contribute greatly to the final image.
Describe your style to us in 3 words…
A: nostalgic. monochrome. simplicity.
What was it like working with The Civil Wars?
A: Traveling the world for two years with amazingly talented people that allowed me to document it all had a huge influence on my photography as well as on my personal life.We became a family. Recording each day for them, capturing each magical moment as they progressed in their career was something I will always cherish.
What is your approach when making lasting connections in the industry?
A: My attitude any time I meet someone and work with them is to get to know them first and foremost. Connecting with people and establishing a relationship is what’s most important. When you have insight into someone, it makes photographing them easier, it helps you to capture their personality on film. It’s like taking a picture of a beautiful building. You can photograph it’s exterior architecture, or you can take the time to walk through that building, find out who lives there, and discover the real beauty of what lies behind those walls. That’s what’s fascinating about photographing people, trying to represent who they really are within an image.
What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you do?
A:¬†Enjoy your work. Get to know who you’re photographing. It’s ok to make it personal. Don’t worry about the technical aspects.Equipment is not important…it’s the interaction between you and your subject that makes for a good portrait, and sometimes a lasting friendship.
Whats next for Allister Ann?
A: Continually building my body of work, expanding and challenging myself to do the unexpected. Some upcoming projects are leading to a move to Europe this summer, will be exciting to be able to call London & Paris home for a bit!
A BIG thank you to Allister for taking the time to share her world with us. We love you! xoxo
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